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Who would have thought 6 months ago this is where we would all be? COVID- 19 has really kicked so much of us in the guts. So many plans cancelled. That holiday you had been planning, cancelled. That special milestone event, cancelled. Small businesses have come to a standstill and people are losing their jobs. It is just not what any of us expected for 2020. Matt and I were meant to say our I do’s and be married in less than 2 months. We have been together for 10 years and we know that a piece of paper wasn’t going to change a thing, but we want the BIG PARTY and CELEBRATION (like you all) but we have now postponed to Sept 2021 (fingers and toes crossed)

Photo of Matt and I at The Confetti Academy Reboot Shoot.

Image: Sarah Gloss Photography

So now we have had some extra time on our hands, we have been working hard and trying to figure out what we were going to do during this lock-down time (considering we were making balloon garlands and delivering up to 8 of these a weekend) We had to be logical and know that we couldn’t charge a lot and expect people to want balloon garlands during this time.

ISO BALLOON GIFTS came to life! It is not something out of the ordinary or extra exciting but we knew it could work. It has and we have been so lucky to deliver so many balloon gifts all over Melbourne. Seeing people smile when they open the door is just the best feeling and leaves us smiling. I know people can see balloons as a non-essential or a waste but it is just so much more than that. It is about the feelings that come with these balloon gifts. It shows that people care and that people are thinking about their loved ones on special days. It’s the surprise factor.

We also made a “BOX OF FUN” which was just a box filled with air balloons. Bright and colourful balloons that the kids could play with days on end. These ending up selling out. It has been a great way to move old stock and experiment during this lock-down period.

Matt and I also created our Organic Balloon Numbers. An air-filled balloon design that lasts for weeks on end and a great alternative to helium balloons.

Lock-down has taught us to enjoy the slower moments and get creative and experiment with what we love doing so much! Your support has been nothing but amazing and positive and we cannot be more thankful to still be able to operate and stay afloat during a time like this. We are excited for what the future holds for THE CONFETTI ROOM.

Stay safe, be kind and take care and don’t forget to reach out if you would like to send a balloon gift to someone in the coming weeks (online shop coming soon!!!)

Love Lydia and Matt

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