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When your Balloons leave our hands there are a few things for you to consider and be aware of:

  1. Balloons are balloons and can sometimes pop for no reason.

  2. Things such as climate and sudden temperature changes can affect them. Please try to keep your balloons in a stable environment. If they get too hot they can expand and burst and if they get too cold they can shrink making decals start to peel up and off.

  3. Be sure not to let your Balloons hit sharp edges and corners and treat them with care. Please do not bash and throw your balloons around as this can damage them making them leak helium or air.

  4. Do not leave your balloons in a hot car as helium expands in the heat causing your balloons to pop. Be sure to have the air conditioner on while travelling in the car with your balloons.

  5. Do not release your balloons in the air once you have finished with them. When your event is over and you have no room to bring your balloons home with you, pop them and then place them into the bin. We do not condone the deliberate release of balloons.

  6. Latex balloons are not plastic, they are a plantbased product made from natural rubber. Natural Latex comes from Rubber Tree Plantations which are a renewable resource. Leading manufacturers source their latex from sustainable Rainforest Alliance Certified and Forest Stewardship Council Plantations The Rainforest Alliance are an international, non-profit organisation working to build strong forests, healthy agricultural landscapes and thriving communities through creative and pragmatic collaboration.

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